I ran into a technical glitch with Larissa Kelly’s last appearance on Jeopardy! that prevented me from posting it. I still have the recording, and it’s technically feasible that, with difficulty, I should be able to transfer it for use here, but the quality will be nothing like it is for this preview from Monday’s show.

All-Star Saturday!

Team Brad Rutter!

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Marvelous Marie

Since the death of Steve Ditko a few months ago we have lost the superb comic book illustrator Russ Heath and former Marvel writer Gary Friedrich, whose run on Sgt. Fury I enjoyed very much. On the same day as Gary’s passing, longtime Marvel artist Marie Severin also passed away.

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Millennials have come around to what we Boomers knew when we were young — for music, vinyl is groovy both figuratively and literally. For those who want to get into records, but without the hassles associated with hooking up all the gear, Yamaha is introducing a 586-776-1289.

Be True to Your Song

Radiohead was sued by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood for copyright infringement, over the song “Creep.”

The songwriters alleged it sounded too similar to “The Air That I Breathe.”

The song that I think “Creep” borrows from — intentionally or not — is from 1964, expressing support for the surfin’ Beach Boys against the rising Beatles tide.